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People in search of challenging free hidden object games that features spectacular graphics and delivers hour after hour of fun, no longer have to wait.
PlayHOG presents Garden Joy, a Free Hidden Object game where we have carefully hidden 40 objects per level in a total of 4 levels to give you 160 objects to find.
Some of Garden Joy Features :
• 4 Levels
• 40 Objects Per Level
• 160 Hidden Objects to Find
• 40 Achievements to Unlock and Stars to Earn
• Cannot find a missing item? Use some hints to highlight it
• All that for completely FREE and without any in-app purchases
• Pinch and zoom functionality to spot objects that are particularly difficult to find
• A handy hint feature that even the most experienced gamer will find invaluable from time to time
• An excellent help screen that lays out the achievements and other level details
• A level map that remembers progress and high scores
• The ability to earn stars by completing achievements
• Great sound effects that can be toggled on/off (perfect for late-night sessions, on a flight, etc.)
Unlike other no-cost hidden object games that offer one or two “teaser” levels before prompting users to pay for more, in Garden Joy, there are no in-app purchases necessary to unlock more levels. So if you like to find objects, instead of having to pull out your credit card, users can enjoyably focus on making their way through 4 ultra-fun levels.
Each hidden picture level features 10 distinct achievements to unlock (40 in total for the app), and 40 meticulously well-hidden objects to find (160 in total for the hidden picture game). In addition to the aforementioned spectacular graphics – which are richly detailed, stunningly realistic and crafted in vibrant colors – our games have been designed with a number of special features that hidden object game addicts will truly appreciate, especially if you love to find objects.
We do not bore users with pointless stories that distract them from the goal of unlocking achievements and finding hidden objects and of course, we don’t force users to make in-app purchases in order to keep playing our hidden picture games to find objects.
Our Free Hidden Object Games are difficult, challenging and therefore more suitable for adults, however we are extremely careful about the type of objects and props that we use. Everything is child-friendly, and users never have to worry about their children accidentally stumbling across the app and encountering something age-inappropriate.
This is a fun seek and find item hunting game that challenges you to solve tons of different picture puzzles and problems one by one. Picture stages give you images of the items you need to find, making it easy to complete challenges by matching item to item. You never know what mystery will happen next in this Hidden Objects Game full of numerous little objects to search and make it one of the best hidden object games. It is a very challenging and addictive find hidden objects puzzle full of entertainment for both kids and adults.
So are you ready to locate and find all the lost objects in this free hidden object game while discovering concealed hidden secrets? Uncover the mystery, detect and spot the concealed hidden objects. Can you find all the missing concealed objects in each colorful hidden picture stage?
When you complete the game press More Games button in the app to install more PlayHOG hidden object games for free. We have created over 600+ Games.
If you like Garden Joy. Do you like to find objects? Follow us on
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每个隐藏图像层设有10个不同的成就(总共为40的应用程序)解锁,并精心40精心隐藏的对象找到(160共为隐藏图像游戏)。除了前面提到的壮观的图形 - 这是细节丰富,极其逼真和鲜艳的色彩制作的 - 我们的游戏已经设计了一些特殊的功能,隐藏对象的游戏成瘾者会真正体会到,特别是如果你爱找对象。


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